Warcraft III NetEase $120K Gold Team Championship

Fans of Warcraft III will be happy to hear that NetEase, a big name in Chinese gaming, is adding a Warcraft III Gold Team competition to their well-known NetEase Golden Series esports event. Get ready for exciting fights and a chance to win a piece of the huge ¥860K RMB ($120K USD) prize pool!

Warcraft III: What’s all the fuss?

NetEase, the company that makes good games, has set up a huge battle in the world of Warcraft III. NetEase’s top e-sports event series now includes the Warcraft III Gold Team competition, which promises thrills, intense battles, and big prizes.

Warcraft III: There are a lot of dollars at stake.

With a prize pool of $120,000 USD, the race isn’t just about winning, it’s also about getting a piece of the big money. This big prize pool is sure to bring in top players and strong teams ready to show off their Warcraft III skills.

Warcraft III: How to Join the Fight

You now have a chance to show how good you are at Warcraft III: Reforged. It all starts in March with open qualifiers, which give players a chance to make it to the big games. The catch is that players can’t do it by themselves. Get together with two friends because you can only register as a team, not by yourself.

Work Together to Win

It’s important to work together in this e-sports event. Each team can have three players, which encourages everyone to work together on the pitch. It’s time to put together your dream team and get into the action, whether you’re planning with friends or meeting new people.

Outline Finals for Road to Glory

The path to game fame doesn’t end when you log off. The top eight teams from the open qualifiers will play in a real-life final from June 5th to 7th. We still don’t know where this epic showdown will take place, but we do know that it will be an exciting event with the best fighters competing for power.

Warcraft III: Get ready for the fight.

The gaming community is getting more and more excited as they wait for the Warcraft III Gold Team tournament. Are you and your team ready to step up, win, and get a piece of that huge prize pool? There is only one way to find out: get ready for an unforgettable e-sports adventure.

NetEase has raised the stakes with Warcraft III Gold Team in a world where virtual fights decide who wins. Get your team together and work on your skills. Also get ready for a game extravaganza that could make your team famous like SLOTBANGJAGO. We hope that the best team wins this exciting trip through the world of Warcraft III!