Kiu Kiu or QQ: A Fun Domino Game in Indonesia

Kiu Kiu or QQ, also known as qiu qiu, is a popular domino game in Indonesia that’s a bit like pai gow. People also call it 99 domino poker. Let’s dive into the rules and how to play this exciting game.

Getting Started Kiu Kiu or QQ:

To play Kiu Kiu, you need a set of 28 double-six dominoes you can find at Klik88slot. In Indonesia, these often come in the form of small cards. These cards are usually replaced after a few games due to wear and tear.

Kiu Kiu or QQ: Ante Up:

Players start by putting a fixed amount of money into a pot, known as the ante. After that, each player gets three domino cards. Now, the game really begins!

Betting Time:

Players have a few options after looking at their cards. They can bet, call, raise, or fold. If no one bet before them, they can start the betting. If someone else bet, they can choose to call, raise the bet, or fold and leave the game.

Round One:

If there’s only one bettor in the first round, the game ends, and that player takes the pot without showing their cards. But if there’s more than one player left, everyone gets a fourth card, and a new round of betting begins.

Round Two:

The second round of betting has higher limits than the first one. After this round, players who didn’t fold must show their cards and declare their hand. The player with the highest hand wins the pot.

Card Values:

In Kiu Kiu, pairs of cards are important. The total pips on each pair are added up, but only the last digit is considered. The best pair you can have is a 9, which is called a ‘kiu.’ There are special hands that beat pairs of nines, like High, Low, and 4 doubles.

Kiu Kiu or QQ: Special Hands:

  • High: Total pips add up to 38 or more.
  • Low: Total pips add up to 9 or less.
  • 4 Doubles: Four double dominoes.

Kiu Kiu or QQ: Unique Situations:

There’s also a special hand called a ‘Straight,’ which is four dominoes with consecutive pip totals. If a player has three doubles, it’s also considered a ‘kiu.’

Winning Strategies:

Players use math and bluffing to decide when to bet or fold. For instance, having three doubles after the first round already gives you a ‘kiu.’ But if your cards aren’t that great, you might try to bluff and steal the pot if others fold.


Kiu Kiu is not just a game of luck; it involves strategy and decision-making. So, gather your friends, get a set of dominoes, and enjoy a round of Kiu Kiu – the exciting domino game from Indonesia!